The Picasso Project

Visitors may recall a reference to our original Picasso, worth tens of millions of dollars and hidden in plain sight (See Chores). That story having worn thin, our hero has decided to make and install new barn doors. The frame of one of the doors is shown below, roughly 12 feet by 6 feet and made with 2″x6″ lumber.

The window inserts for the two doors are also completed and have been painted. They are shown here awaiting their being secured in the frames.

No sooner said than done! The plan is to get them up before going any further with the construction because to lift one of these doors is to nearly bust a gut. One other little feature of the plan perhaps deserves mention: both boys (read muscle) will be home this weekend for Thanksgiving. If the three of us can get the doors up then the old man (aka our hero) can finish the job, adding the panels and the panes.

Meanwhile, demolition has begun on the existing doors. Which is a good thing. Because our hero is good at demolition and finds that it soothes the soul and eases whatever minor resentments may have accumulated. Our former neighbor Olin Maxham, whose wonderful teams of oxen were perennial contenders at Fryeburg, Tunbridge, and other northern New England fairgrounds judged even the most difficult task as doable through “brute strength and ignorance.” And these are precisely the qualities we bring to this task. As can be seen below, the task has begun. As for the lower picture, those are the tools of ignorance.

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