The Picasso Project (part 2)

On the day before Thanksgiving the Picasso Project Manager suffered a spasm of ambition and ventured to actually remove the doors. The left side door came down with a satisfactory crash and partially disintegrated. There were no injuries.

Deconstruction continued on the right side door

In due time the right side door crashed to the ground as well, reinforcing our belief in the Law of Gravity. Again, there were no injuries. Amazing.

By the time the doors were reduced to a pile of rubble (note pile on the right) and the tarp was deployed and secured in place, it was after dark. So this view of the scene was captured the next day. Note the trace of snow on the ground, which occurred overnight.

Here the project pauses, perhaps through the winter, because the old rollers are not in the best of shape. They need cleaning with rust remover, general lubrication, and a vital piece of one roller was broken during final door removal. That was the part where we pushed what was left of the door off the rail and ran for dear life. I think we’re still running. The rollers are shown below.

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