The Old Barn

How can you not love an old barn? I mean a real barn; not one of those ricky-ticky metal sheds you see too many of these days. A barn made of wood and hand-hewn beams and posts (all pegged together, no nails used) holding everything up, with the scars and general wear and tear of honest use. Ours is about 75 feet long and some 36 feet wide, with a haymow that would hold several thousand bales. You saw some outside views when we were getting the hay in as well as some views down the center of the main floor when the doors were being built. The photo above is up in the haymow. Those 8″ x 8″ beams that extend from eave to eave are just under 37 feet long. There are seven of them over the length of the barn and each one is a single piece (trees don’t even come like that anymore). On the road side of the barn is stenciled “1844” and we assume that was the year it was built. We are trying to confirm this. But think what an exciting day it must have been when it went up. Strong men pulling together, oxen or draft horses heaving against their harness, the straining of the block and tackle. It’s a humbling thing to look at it now over 165 years later and note that it is still as straight and true as the day it was built.

As usual, Letty has something to say about it: “Spend a night out here in this drafty old ark, honey,  and see if you still babble on about what a great barn it is.”

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  1. Doris Fegan says:

    I love it !!!!!!!
    Doris and William.

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