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I am Beatrix, the oldest and wisest of our little group and, truth be known, most likely the wisest of any group you care to assemble. Under my guidance (I’m even named after Queen Beatrix) we’ve persevered through what has been rather a dreary winter so far, cooped up in the barn, looking at the same faces, eating the same hay day after day, rubbing one another the wrong way,  having our little tussles. But finally something really exciting is  happening – the super awesome Knit Girllls on Ravelry (and TheKnitGirlls) are hosting a February Shetland spin along. We hope some of our roving will be picked (heh, heh – that’s a little sheep pun). Our incomparable fleeces are processed at Zeilinger’s so they are extremely soft, silky and lustrous. Almost like top. They also (unfortunately) seem to remove most of our winter hay decoration. And we all work hard on that. We also learned about Etsy coupon codes. If any of you dear readers decide to purchase our roving on Etsy use: Shetland10 for a 10% discount until the end of February. Let me stress this, my dears! The best of the best at 10% off! As my daughter Hannah says:

Hi there Girllls, I’m Hannah, the littlest of the group. Here you can see some of our lovely winter coats. And no, my coat does not make me look fat. Although those two big butts on either side of me look as if they need to get more exercise. Hmrrph! They certainly could cut back on the molasses cookies that the lady makes for us.

And I see where Mama Bea mentioned a February Shetland Spin Along. What’s this February stuff? What’s the matter with the other eleven months. Why on earth would you want to spin anything else? Masham? What kind of creature is that? Gotland? Sounds like something caught in your throat. Get real folks! Shetland is the way to go! I mean Look at us! How lovely is that!

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  1. LaLa says:

    You have made my morning! We will be sure to link your shop in our February thread!

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