Picasso Project (Part III)

The new barn doors are partly built; now, how to get them hung? They’re quite heavy, not to mention cumbersome to the point of being dangerous. The obvious solution was to call our neighbor, carpenter and haying man and ask him to do it. He arrived with a friend. Here they are shown moving one of the doors outside.

Then, after leaning the door against the bar, Neal placed the old rollers onto the rail.

Then the door was shimmed up so the rollers could be fit snugly on top. Here the first door is already hung and the second is being put in position.

Why even bother shimming it up when you have the muscle to just lift it? These men make it look easy. The rollers are reattached and tightened and . . .


Now to finish! Begin adding paneling. But we were unsure at the beginning of the project how much paneling it would take so we deliberately didn’t buy enough. However, at the lumberyard there was very little rough hemlock because it has been such a wet spring that hardly any lumber could be brought out of the woods. So it’s temporarily back to the tarp and hope whatever critters wander by in the middle of the night are put off by the flapping, rustling unusualness of this weird lashup.

And finally, take a look at the ladies that all this hullabaloo is about. They don’t look all that grateful.

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