Musham, Mushroom, Masham, whatever . . .

I’m Billy, and I just had to break the news to the others that She has finally gone over to the dark side. It has come to my attention, from a source I trust, and who shall remain anonymous, that She has acquired several pounds of wool from some kind of weird English sheep called Masham. I managed to find a picture of one and we all agree: “Eugh! How could She?” Except Moses, who thinks “they’re really hot!” (He has his problems, which is another story entirely). I mean just take look

As if that isn’t bad enough, we now understand that she is dying the mushroom -mosham a bunch of colors, some in ombres. This while we stand over here in the winter cold growing our ombres naturally! And in lovely natural colors: browns, blacks, greys, tans. Who would even WANT to grow an ombre in red or green for heaven’s sakes!

We also hear that She really likes this Masham stuff, saying it is long staple and has a nice feel to it. Gone over to the dark side indeed!

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  1. herbalsheila says:

    I hope you have had a lot of business what with the Knit Girllls mentioning your flock and Etsy shop on their podcast.

    I love spinning your sheep’s wool! It has truly been a pleasure to spin these Black to Gray/Brown ombre batts. I am spinning up Letty’s soft wool now. Her light brown wool is lovely.

    How wonderful to see that your sheep have such different personalities. Thank you for sharing thier wool and sheepy selves with the rest of the world.

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