Merry Christmas

Letty wishes all our dear and gentle readers a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

Letty has declared herself the spokesheep for our flock of Shetland sheep.  And although on her better days she will admit that the accommodations and cuisine at River Farm aren’t bad, she is firm in her belief that there is plenty of room for improvement.

“They could have done a better job decorating the barn. On the plus side, the lady made some very nice Christmas cookies for us. By the way, although it may look as if I am having a bad hair day, what you see is the Halo – which is the term given to the fairy-like haze that floats above real Shetland wool, created by the extra fine fibers. Which proves that I am charming and beautiful. Never mind what Kimberly says; she’s just jealous.”

So Merry Christmas from all of us and if you happen to be in the neighborhood on Christmas Eve please drop in and we’ll have a nice chat. We get sooo bored with those two who are here every day, well . . . except for cookie time.”

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