Kimberly’s “European Tour”

“There is just no living with Kimberly since she embarked on what she refers to as her “European Tour.” She is avoiding the others most of the time and when with them tends to turn her back and look the other way. “Why are the others such boring colors?” she asked the other day with a rueful shake of the head. “And is their photo on the internet? NO!”

“My trip began when a wonderful spinner named Nicole of PurlVerde Textiles fame on Etsy in Ohio spun my New Hampshire wool roving. I’ll let Nicole describe how she did it: ‘. . . woollen longdraw from rolags in a very relaxed and free form manner, letting the textural elements slide on through the orifice. . .’ into a lovely yarn that has a very fluffy, airy and somewhat rustic appearance. It is one of a kind yarn that has some irregularities that give some thinner and thicker places (light fingering to DK weight) which was then knit into a remarkable lace shawl by SusanneS-vV (on Ravelry) who lives in the Netherlands. When a photo of the shawl — which by the way is named Kimberly (after me, of course) was posted on line I thought well it’s about time my perfect medium grey fleece got the attention it deserves! What I mean is those other fleeces are all right, but they can’t compare with my perfect grey as I am sure all will agree.”


“Even here, in a photo taken earlier in the season before the snows, it’s obvious that my fleece is vastly superior to the others. Maybe it’s the apples which I enjoy in the fall.  Even my son Moses, the one with the loopy horns, can’t compare. Because remember that ‘the perfect shade of grey wins the day.'”

KimMosesApplesMosesHere is the famous shawl and a gorgeous creation it is! Meanwhile, we hope that Kimberly gets down off her high horse soon as there is really no room for prima donnas in the flock. Plus the fact that her current fleece is due to be sheared and carried off in a plastic bag within the month. And we’re not looking forward to hearing her complain about that! You should hear her complain about jet-lag…

  DSC_4616_small_best_fit DSC_4595_small_best_fit DSC_4585_small_best_fit

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  1. Marcia says:

    I LOVE getting to know the girllls. I plan to get to know them and their wool much, much better.

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