Wow! A sure enough sign of Spring . . . the first brave little crocus to venture above ground at the River Farm. Colorful and defiant, it gives us hope that the worst winter in many years is really winding down.

And of course the pussy willow is back. These guys are always out early so it’s an open question as to whether they are brave or just stupid. And I mean early! We are talking “Honey could you climb up over the bank and get your boots full of snow and clip the ones I yell to you to clip” early.

My old pal Frank Evans often remarked: “You have to be a masochist to live in New England because, number one, the weather, and number two, the Red Sox.” So far this year the weather is living up to Frank’s standards. As for the Red Sox, well as I write this they are last in the American League East with a record of 5/11. Meanwhile over in the barn the ladies are looking portly and perhaps getting a tad uncomfortable in their big winter coats . . . not to worry girls, the shearers are due any day.

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